Taxi Talks, Episode 01 : el Seed.

Taxi Talks, Episode 01 : el Seed.

Find out more about the TAXI TALKS by LYOUM, a series of discussions that we had the pleasure to organize with people who inspire us, in Tunisia or elsewhere. New talks about creativity, art, cooking or failed or successful projects. Life actually. Episode 1: el Seed.
An artist with a moving beauty and a recognizable style among all.
Discover a discussion in a taxi driving the streets of Tunis. All windows open, obviously.

El Seed tells us about him, his pleasures, his art. And one of his masterpieces, the work «Perceptions» painted in the heart of Cairo (which we had the chance and pleasure to see in real life - a guaranteed emotional shock…).

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Cette année, on rend hommage au sens du 'kif' à la tunisienne.

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