Taxi Talks, Episode 04 : Rafram Chaddad.

Taxi Talks, Episode 04 : Rafram Chaddad.

For this new episode of our LYOUM #taxitalks, we took the cab with the eclectic and demanding Visual Artist Rafram Chaddad. Rafram's work fascinates by its multidisciplinary aspect, mixing art, culture and cuisine. Settled back 5 years ago in Tunisia, the land of his ancestors, after training and experiences in Europe and around the Mediterranean, Rafram has a passionate and unconditional view of the enormous and yet largely untapped potential of Tunisian cuisine.

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Cette année, on rend hommage au sens du 'kif' à la tunisienne.

Forget about macchiato and cappuccino. Discover the place where direct, capucin and green tea are kings.

Bottarga, the must-have of the beautiful Mediterranean tables. We eat it in salad, on Mediterranean flavored pasta or in slice with just small zest of lemon.
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