tea of coffee?

thé ou café ?
Experiencing a coffee shop in downtown Tunis is fascinating... You step into a unique atmosphere, the land of strong coffee, short 'express', small 'capucin' or 'direct', that café con leche served with three of four sugars, and a plastic straw...


what does capucin have to do with capuccino in tunis ? 
well nothing! just remember that the two are totally different.

Now if you are more a tea drinker, you will both feel home and pretty surprised in tunis:
you will have green mint tea in the morning, and green tea with roasted pine nuts in the afternoon.
With ample portions of sugar of course.


Photos : Med Amine Chouikh

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Forget about macchiato and cappuccino. Discover the place where direct, capucin and green tea are kings.

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How do you like it?

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