Café de la Plage

Le Cafe de la Plage

Our summer dream? Without any limit of money or time ?
With no doubt: imagine and design (and why not, open?) a summer Café / Bar. A truly Mediterranean, easy going one, with mixed vibes.

Like LYOUM, but a Café.

We would open in Marseille, Beirut, Venice Beach, Hammamet or Dubai Jumeirah Beach.
Not easy... So what we did first is focus on what we are good at: launching beautiful, original and high quality tshirts.

Habibis, we are thrilled to share our new summer crush: the Café de la Plage tshirt.

The real tshirt of the beautiful Café that does not exist (yet).

Now available instore.

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Forget about macchiato and cappuccino. Discover the place where direct, capucin and green tea are kings.

Bottarga, the must-have of the beautiful Mediterranean tables. We eat it in salad, on Mediterranean flavored pasta or in slice with just small zest of lemon.
How do you like it?

This year, we want Farniente. We want to fall into this Mediterranean stillness, hang out in the sun and dream, think, even get bored, enjoy. Taking life slowly, piano piano.